Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Molly Time

The boys and I went over to Morgan and Dani's house to play with Molly. Wyatt and Molly took turns following each other around, and trading sippy cups. Wyatt spent most of his time chasing the cats yelling and screaming at them with excitement, and following them saying "titty!" (Kitty in Wyatt language). They boys liked their dog, but wanted to keep it in the kennel when it was inside or just put her outside. Molly is such a cutie, and a very happy baby or should I say toddler. She loves to give hugs and love to the boys, just is just so sweet. They just grow up so fast.
Cute little Molly Taylor Wells
Wyatt and Molly
All 3 kids
Wyatt and Molly giving hug (1 of the 10 times)
Hugs and love
Wyatt sharing his water with Stella
Wyatt kept chasing the cats through the tiny doggie dog into the garage. Only his little body can fit through that door.
Wyatt calling the "titty" (Kitty)


KENZIE said...

THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE! these next 3 babys better be just as cute :)