Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Blocks

I went to a girls craft night at my friend Amy's house last Saturday and made this cute little Halloween blocks. We painted them, put on the vinyl (I love vinyl), and then tied some ribbon around them. I came home and wanted to make a mummy to go with them so I painted a block white and then wrapped some white fabric around it and painted 2 little black eyes peeking through. My favorite is Frankie I just love the bolts in his neck.


Amy Snell said...

Ok love love that!! I need a mummy too!! I seriously am gonna copy you, I hope you dont mind :P And I like your moon and stars better then my little spider :) It may get rip off my spider and repaint that part :)

Valerie said...


Abby said...

holy cow you crafty crafty girl. I am so jealous I need a group to craft with!!