Sunday, October 17, 2010

5 minutes of Wyatt

It is somewhat of a challenge to watch Hunter play soccer (take pictures of he and the team) and watching Wyatt at the same time. Well, actually it is just a challenge to watch Wyatt. He is a good boy, just very very busy (never stops moving). Here are a few pictures of Wyatt within a 5 minute time frame (during Hunter's soccer game).

Boys and their sticks

If there is a tree, then there is a Wyatt climbing it.

Nothing better than a sweet orange

There was a little old grandma on the other side of the tree cheering, Wyatt I guess didn't like it and was telling her to shhhh!

Fence = Cage = Wyatt will find a way out & have fun at the same time

Try and stop me mom!

Where can I stick my monster truck where people won't find it?

Bummer! It's too big to fit in this hole.

This hole is now the new home of 2 little action figures "Woody & Buzz"


Hunter Family said...

he looks more and more like you every day. Holy Cow!