Friday, April 1, 2011


Wyatt, where do I begin. How about at night: He doesn't like to sleep, wakes up at least 2 to 3 times a night (once to usually go to the bathroom) other times because he had a bugar on his finger freaking out because is was "gross", or he's "dared" (scared) because there is a "dhost" (ghost), and other times he just wants to be up to play or watch a movie. When he wakes up in the mornings the only thing he wants is chocolate milk. You never know what he will eat (it's just hit and miss, sometimes he likes it sometimes he doesn't). At nap time he can not go to bed without Woody and Buzz (thank you Disney for helping my child create an obsession). The rest of the day he is just BUSY BUSY BUSY! Mostly not being naughty though (don't ask Grandma Cookie though he dumped out the salt and a pixie stick on her watch the other day). Beside these fun exhausting character traits of my 2 year old he is: sweet (loves to give his cousin Carislie kisses and tries to get him to smile and says "he's tute" (cute), loving (hug, kisses snuggles), caring (worried about people owies), full of spunk and expression. I just love this little guy and will love him more when I get to sleep through the night.


don and jacki said...

would he by any chance, be related to someone with the name Ryker?