Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Fun

On Labor day the boys and I meet up with our friends Jake and Amber, and Jake's cousin Chad to go boating. We had such a blast! The weather was a little over cast to begin, but it eventually got sunny. the kids loved being pulled in the tube (but not too fast). I got to try wake surfing for the first time, which I totally love! We had Jake and Ambers boat, and Chad brought his family boat too which is a perfect for wake surfing. I love living here in Twin Falls!

Jayah & Wyatt

Hunter, Leah, & Chad

Chad (Jakes Cousin, nicest kids ever, the boys just love him).

Totally looks like a turtle trying to hide in his shell

Our Friend Jake

I love wake surfing so much more that wake boarding!

Wyatt just chilling in the front of the boat shooting his spider webs.

Hunter was in heaven when Chad let him drive the boat.