Friday, March 29, 2013


February came and gone fast.  School was in full swing of things and I had no life other than school and taking care of the family.  Hunter earned his Wolf badge for boy scouts this month, he loves boy scouts.  The boys had a fun Valentines Day, we started it off with pink heart shaped pancakes, and then they both had parties are school.  I love watching them go through their Valentines. Dustin is growing fast and is now 6 months old.  Tyson and Hunter finished up their snowboarding passes this month; Hunter is a natural and was so amazing to watch.  Hunter also played basketball, which he missed a few of the games due to snowboarding. He is an awesome athlete.  Wyatt our crazy kid keeps me on my toes, especially when he tries to help take care of Dustin.

Hunter and Tyson built this for Hunter's wood work segment for cub scouts

Receiving his Wolf Badge