Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Day at the Park

We walked to the park today and meet some of our friends there. This way Wyatt's first time playing at the park, and he enjoyed it, even though it was nap time.
Eating the sand of course
Climbing the playground
Almost to the really big twisty slide.
Hunter on the swings
Wyatt liked the swings as long as you didn't push him too high (He holds his breath, turns red, and freaks out.)
Clapping while swinging
Hunter & Mackenzie
Mason & tired Wyatt
The two boys
Wyatt biting his upper lip


Anonymous said...

I was scrolling down looking at the pics of Wyatt, and then there is the one of Hunter on the swing. Here I am thinking how Wyatt looks so grow up, and then I get to Hunter. I can't believe how tll he looks. I swear that they grow an inch every day. Those are darling pics.

Gary and Joan said...

As usual just about the cutest kids much fun to check you blog...I had to laugh though with a couple of them know how guys today are growing these funny looking little pieces of beard well look at Wyatt in the first couple of pics it looks like he is growing right below his lip...too cute! your'e awesome Autumn thanks for all the fun stuff!

don and jacki said...

wow! the picture of wyatt biting his lip, looks soooo much like ryker! (i guess there is a family resemblence)

Holli Kim said...
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