Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quads, Bikes, Snake, Oh My!

Tyson took Hunter and his friends Bradley and Brian out to his parents house the other day to ride dirt bikes and quads. (Bradley and Brian are both really sweet boys, and are really nice to play with Hunter since they are 11 and he is 4, too bad there are not more people like these too boys in the world). While they were there they found a California King Snake, of course Hunter wanted to keep it as a pet, but that was a NO. They roasted hot dags out on the fire pit too. Hunter got so so so dirty out there it was gross, the shower water was so brown and his finger nails were just caked with dirt under them, thank goodness for finger nail trimmers, showers and soap. They had a great time.
Bradley, Brian & Hunter
Hunter riding the quad
Hunter with the snake, can you see all the dirt, and this isn't even the end of the day.
Bradley with the snake
the boys