Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Growing up or Going up

Wyatt is always trying to get higher and higher. If there is an object, it will be climbed, if he falls, he doesn't care, he just tries and tries again. He is defiantly a mini Tyson.
This hamper was in the boys bedroom, he had knocked it over, climbed on top of it, and then climbed onto Hunters bed.
Climbing on top of the Lego table.
He is standing on the bricks of the fireplace to get higher, and he keeps trying to get on top of his toy, he has come close, but ends up knocking it over.


Elise and Chad Ashby said...

I think your kids have the funnest toys. Wyatt is a busy boy for sure!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Is he walking?

Holli Kim said...

these pictures make me laugh what a silly kid.

Casey Golledge said...

O man do I love that kid!!! He sure is determined!