Monday, October 26, 2009

Ward Trunk-or-Treat

We had a great time as usual at our wards Trunk-or-Treat. There was a lot yummy cornbread and chili and tons of pies and desserts. The boys had a fun time playing all the games and especially trunk or treating.
Batman and Robin
Me and my Little Heros
Ashton and Hunter (she is in Hunter's class at school)
Uncle Tyler and Hunter
The Golledges and Wyatt
One tired super hero


Lila said...

So cute! Hey - I just tried to get on the family website... has it changed? It seems I am no longer part of any group...

Josh and Britt said...

Adorable!! Hope you guys are doing well. I miss you and we need to get together soon!

Bruce-Kathy Barker said...

We need to get all the superheros together here, like batman and robin, but also supergirl (Catherine) and superman (Andrew). Wouldn't that be a great picture.