Thursday, December 31, 2009


So, I'm bad at keeping up with blogging since my computer died, so here is our Christmas Eve that we spent at my mom's house and Christmas Day at my in-laws house.
Hunter's Christmas Eve dinner

Wyatt's Dinner
Wyatt excited about his see'n'say
Daddy was having fun with it too
Hunter was in heaven that he got more caps for his cap gun. Thanks Hunter Family!
Christmas eve night
Wyatt not so thrilled to be stilling by the tree, and ready for Santa to come.
Christmas Morning!!!
Hunter still half-way asleep, but way excited about his pixos that Santa brought him.

Hunter wanted some roller skates, and what do you know Grandma Sandi found just what he wanted.
Christmas slippers

Wyatt loves his airplane from Santa
Playing with pixos
Cousin Molly wanting to play outside
Hunter going for a ride
Molly, the next American Idol

Such a sweet, innocent face (yeah right)

Boy in a box