Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chore Charts

Tiff, don't let Kendyl see this blog post.
For Christmas presents for my niece and nephews on my side of the family I decided to make then all these cute magnet chore charts. I'm glad they turned out cute because they took a long time to put together (then again I was making 5 of them) but it was a lot of fun, and maybe it will make doing chores fun too. The last picture shows the stone magnets with the pictures of the chore on them.


Th King's Queen said...

i love the chore charts! what a great idea. i like that it's pictures instead of words, it's easier for kids
great job

Brendy said...

How did you make those? It's such a great idea. I was thinking of doing something like that for Sammy

Valerie said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I found a chore chart at Targets $1 spot, but I wanted to come up with something cuter. Did you use vinyl lettering on the boards. Do you mind if I copy your idea? LOVE IT!!!