Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boys and Bugs

The other day Hunter caught a HUGE grasshopper at my mom's house. He put it in a container and my wonderful mom cut up a pair of pantyhose to use as a lid (with a rubber band) so the grasshopper can breath. Hunter wanted to bring it home to show Tyson. We only had about 4 minutes left of a drive on the way home when Hunter sais, "ut-oh!" I said what? (already knowing what he was going to say, but hopeing that it wasn't what I thought it was). Hunter replies, "The grasshopper got out and is on your chair." I yelled for him to "get it!" Next thing I know this grasshopper lands on my back and I start SCREAMING! It climbs on me then hops off somewhere, not knowing where he went (I am still screaming). Then I see it climbing up the passenger chair and I take the container and hold it up against the back of the chair the rest of the way home. NO MORE BUGS or SPIDERS IN MY CAR!!!!