Friday, November 18, 2011

First Snow

Today we had our first real snow. It was Hunter's first time in the snow since he was one (he had no memory of it). This was Wyatt's first time. They went out to play around 5pm today when the snow really started coming down. The boys had snowball fights, threw snowballs at me, and at the sliding glass door. Hunter made a snow angel and tried to get Wyatt to do it but he didn't want to lay down (never does). When Tyson came home he attacked the boys with snow balls and then together they built a snowman. We used a carrot of course for the nose, olives for the eyes, red wired yarn for the mouth, ribbon for the scarf, and twig branches for the arms. Wyatt had to have a carrot to eat too cause the snowman's nose was looking mighty tasty to him. We finished our evening taking the boys to Artic Circle for dinner and play, and then Tyson and hunter went to the college basketball game. It was a great evening.


Hunter Family said...

so so cute. I am glad they had fun in the snow.

Amy Snell said...

Sweet boys!! Wyatt looks so excited :) I want snow :)