Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almost got it

Wyatt is getting closer and closer to crawling. At first he acts like a fish out of water swimming. Then he will get up on all fours. He will move his knees forward, but then he lunges forward. He will move his hand every now and then.
Swimming like a fish
Getting ready to get up on all 4's
on all fours moving his left hand forward.


Sandi Wells said...

I love those pics of Wyatt, he does look like he is either flying or swimming, and the cute on with his little tongue sticking out.

Holli Kim said...

how cute i love the pic's i hope we can see you guys soon. i miss your cute kids :)

Elise and Chad Ashby said...

He is such a cutie! It looks like you are the best mom!

Anonymous said...

How cute. I swear that he gets cuter every day.

mRs.PeRales said...

aww he does it! I just start laughing when Josh does that because he swears he's moving when he kicks his feet and moves his arms like he's swimming or's so cute, I love it!