Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainy Days

This past week we have had some rainy days. To keep Hunter busy we have been playing lots of games: Candy Land, Wack-a-mole, Don't break the Ice, Sorry and many more. Most of the time Hunter spent coloring. He LOVES to color, and is really good. I love how he uses lots of different colors. Hunter also invented a type of soccer game for us to play on a rainy day. He took a monkey animal of Wyatts and put it in a grocery bag and then we kicked it across the wood floors. We also ran around the house to music and Hunter would run around the house in circles and Wyatt and I would shoot him with the dart gun.


Holli Kim said...

wow thats sounds fun :)

Amy Snell said...

come over and be board with us when its raining...we can make cinnoman rolls and watch movies :D

mRs.PeRales said...

haha that sounds so fun! I want to shoot Sammy with a dart gun!