Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carrots & Worms

When Grandma Cookie took Wyatt to the store, she bought carrots for Wyatt to chew on, and sour gummy worms for Hunter after school. Well, while we were waiting for Hunter to get out of school Grandma decided to give Wyatt a sour gummy worm. He LOVED it. He quickly learned to bit down on the worm and pull it really hard to break off a piece of worm, so we had to watch him. By the end he had sugar all over his face, and his hands were super sticky.
Pulling the worm really hard.
Look mom, I broke off a piece.
Whats up doc?


Anonymous said...

He really is getting cuter every day. It makes me so sad that I am not there to see him grow up. I can't believe how big he looks. His smile is so contagous. I love it. It is so cute. That is so funny. I bet that he was lovin' the worm.

Amy Snell said...

The second pic is my total fav!! Such determination!! He is getting so big!!

Holli Kim said...

i know the second pic is so funny :P