Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flagstaff, AZ.

Two weekends ago we took quick tip to Flagstaff AZ Tyson's cousin Staci's mission homecoming talk. She served her mission in the Brazil, Florinopolis Mission. We let Temecula on Friday night at 11 pm and would have arrived to the Spauling's house on Sat. at 730 am, but Mrs. Garmin (GPS) decided to take us through some dirt country roads in the middle of no where. So driving through the snow and passing signs that say Road Closed we eventually got stuck in the mud/snow/ice in Tyson big heavy duty 4 wheel drive truck. So we spent that morning digging his truck out with the help of uncle Steve and Kyle. We probably made it to their house around 1pm.
Since we were stuck and it started snowing on us Hunter wanted to go outside and play. So we put his snow clothes on and let him run around.

The Front
The back after A LOT of work
The digging crew, we are missing Holli & Sandi.
Hunter & Benjamin (they are only 1 month apart)
Wyatt and Uncle Kyle
The WHOLE Gang
Holli, Staci, and Shaina
The Spaulding family (& yes that is a massive fridge and freezer)
Hunter & Benjamin playing in the snow


Holli Kim said...

Hey can you email me some pic on me Shaina and Stacy that we took there. my email is thanks :)