Sunday, September 13, 2009

1st Soccer Game

It was a hilarious soccer game of 4 and 5 year olds, the green dragons vs. the purple tigers. It consisted of a huddle of little kids pushing and kicking each other (even their own team mates) to be the one that scores a goal, it was more like tackle soccer. You have a kids or two the runs off the field crying and girls out there doing kart wheels and twirling their hair. I have to say I very proud of Hunter, he scored the very first 2 goals, and another 2 later on. They don't keep score at their age, but it was probably close to a tie. Hunter had a great fan crowd consisting of his Mom, Dad, Brother, Uncle Morgan, Aunt Dani, Cousin Molly, Jennifer Wyand and Bradley. We were all so proud of him. If you ever want a good laugh just go watch a little kids soccer game, it is so worth it.
Hunter showing off his skills
Hunter scoring one of his 4 goals
After Hunter scored
Go Hunter!!!
Look at how much taller my kid is compared to the rest of his team.
The dog piles!!!
Go Hunter!!!


Kassandra Givens said...

Those are hilarious pictures. Hunter looks like he's really going for it. You might have the next Beckham on your hands!

Holli Kim said...

sounds fun ill have to come to one of his games.

Anonymous said...

He's a pro already. Gana' take after his mom.