Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soccer Season

Hunter had his first soccer practice this past Monday. He is on a coed team and is the tallest by far. His team name is the Purple Tigers, Hunter is not a fan of the purple and wishes that it was blue instead. His first game is on Saturday the 12th. I am just as excited about it as he is.

Ready to show his skills
The first soccer practice
Hunter's Team Okay, so while Hunter was practicing, I found a worm and gave it to Wyatt to play with. I then volunteered to do an activity with the kids, and when I came back, Wyatt had eaten half of the worm. YUCK!!! I should of known better.


Amy Snell said...

Funny that they wouldnt stick with more nutural colors?!?! And seriously leave it to Wyatt to eat a worm...gross...but cute =)

kenz said...

ha ha how funny thats just like wyatt to eat living creatures