Saturday, February 13, 2010

18 months & Brothers

So the boys had their pictures taken the other day, and Hunter did great! And Wyatt, well, the first picture shows how he was most of the time.
The only picture of Wyatt with a little smile.
18 Months Old
5 going on 20
Isn't he so photogenic?


Kassandra Givens said...

Oh my gosh they look so handsome. It's really hitting hard to me right now just how big Hunter is these days. He's not just a baby or little boy anymore and it's freaking me out. He really is so photogenic! They both are! Such good lookin' fellas! I love them.

shanda said...

my word they are so grown up they look so much like tyson. they are so freaking cute

Hunter Family said...

I haven't looked at blogs for ever. Will you put me on your list that automaticly sends out an e-mail everytime you do a new post? Your kids are so dang cute! I wish that we lived closer. Did mom ever tell you to send me some pictures to my Costco for me to pick up. (Preferably a more close up head shot, but anything will do). Thanks.