Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wyatt Oh Wyatt

Wyatt is my busy baby that just will not sit still, he sure keeps me on my toes. Here are some pictures in the day of Wyatt.
Caught getting into the movies.
Always wanting a ride on the quad.
Had a runny nose, so he found his brothers shirt and decided to wipe his nose with it.
Playing doctor
Seeing how many toys, toothbrushes, and clothes he can shove in the the toilet


Mary Ann said...

Oh dear, you sure have your hands full - LOVE the last picture....just too adorable for him to be in too much trouble;)

Hunter Family said...

That toilet one cracks me up! He looks so guilty and so innocent at the same time. Only cute little Wyatt. Well and Ryker, because that is definately something that he would do.