Monday, August 23, 2010

Boys Birthday Party

The boys had a great birthday party full of family, fun, food, and lots of presents. After church we went to my mom's house to have a birthday brunch for my Grandpa John (his birthday is August 21st). After that we went home and played and had fun till the family all came over around 6:30 for cake and ice cream (ice cream cake). The boys had so many presents that it looked like Christmas. They will be busy for playing with all their new toys for quite awhile.
The 3 Birthday Boys
Wyatt and Grandpa John
Birthday boy Wyatt
Wyatt's cake, He took the cowboy and horse off the middle
Hunter's really yummy ice cream cake
Wyatt LOVES his new Woody guy.
Hunter was so excited to get a remote control car.
The Great Grandparents
Hunter on his new bike
Wyatt and Molly watching the guys play a new wii game.
Playing with all the fun toys
Hunter and I
Wyatt and the Kim's
Hunter and the Kim's
The Boys with the Morgan Wells Family


Hunter Family said...

Cute pics. Looks like lots of fun. I can't believe how cute and young you look. I'm totally jealous. I totally look my age, if not older. but you look so young. No fair.