Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Fun

Tyson was home this Saturday, and spent the day with the boys (which was much needed, Tyson has been working long hard hours and hardly gets to see the boys). Saturday morning started off with some work, Tyson and Hunter dug a trench and installed water pipes, and then used the backhoe to cover them up. Tyson gave the boys a ride on the tractor while they were clearing some brush on the property. Well, they all got very dirty, so they put on their bathing suits and played with the hose on the trampoline. Then we had a late lunch on the trampoline. While Wyatt was taking his nap Tyson played the Wii with Hunter (which Hunter loves to do, especially if someone plays with him). Later that evening we watched The Karate Kid 2 and the boys of course then pretend to do karate to, Wyatt was pretty funny. That was pretty much our Saturday.

Hunter working the trencher
The boys on the backhoe (look how dirty Tyson's face is)
Shower on the trampoline
water fun

Lunch Time!
Wyatt doing a Molly (a summer-salt, he calls them Molly since he learned how to do them from his cousin Molly).

Yee-Haw, ride the spatula! (with Grandpa Ken's hat on sideways)
Wyatt "tries" to shoot the bow and arrows
Hunter shooting his bow and arrows
Bulls eye, (he's a pretty good shot)
Daddy's turn with his bow and arrows
Wyatt gave up on shooting the bow and arrows, so he kept going down the slid instead. Wyatt loves his cowboy boots, they have Woody and Buzz on them and say "ANDY" under the right boot.
Wyatt was doing some karate moves he learned from the Karate Kid
Here is a video clip of Hunter shooting the bow and arrow.

Wyatt attempting to do a summer-salt (which he calls a Molly, because his cousin Molly does them).
Playing on the trampoline with the hose, Wyatt thinks Hunter is so funny.


Th King's Queen said...
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Th King's Queen said...

aaww they love their daddy, you need to get in the pictures too tho. his boots are cute, i miss having him show up in my room all the time ahha and hunter is a good shot! i love his missing teeth :) i used to help kenzie play on the trampolines with the hose, she never liked getting wet tho hahah

Holli Kim said...

looks like fun i loved jumping on the tramp with the hose! Hey did that other trampoline net fit?

Casey Golledge said...

I am in love with hunters missing teeth smile!! too cute!!

Sandi Wells said...

Looks like you guys had way too much fun while I was gone. Good thing you have pictures.