Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flying Kites

Today was another windy day, so I took the boys to the High School down the street to go fly their 1 dollar Walmart kites. We were only there for about 30 minutes cause it was cold and windy, but the boys had a blast. They both did an awesome job flying their kites, and we can't wait to do it again, but next time we're going to wear warmer coats and gloves.
Wyatt and his Spider-Man Kite

Hunter and his Star Wars Yoda kite.
Wyatt let all the string out on his kite and kept it up flying high in the air.
Both the boys flying their kites high
The one way up high is Wyatt's  (not bad for a 3 year old).
Wyatt taking a stance so his kite doesn't carry him away.


Anonymous said...

I can not believe how much Wyatt looks like you in that second picture. Holy Cow! And those pictures are cute. I could never really goet a good kite flying picture.