Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We didn't really do anything special for Valentine's day. Hunter had cereal, but Wyatt had heart shaped pancakes. They both has Valentine parties and as soon as they got home they both went through them and at all their candy. When Tyson came home we took the boys to Artic Circle to play and for ice cream cone. That's about all we did for our Valentine's Day.

Wyatt going through his Valentines.

This is the shirt that his friend Mason sent him, "Chicks Love Super Heros"

Telling me to not touch his candy.

Wyatt's Valentine from Ellery (the girl in his class that he ALWAYS talks about)

He wanted to eat his fun dip, so I poured it in a bowl for him to eat.
Well, after a few licks of the fun dip he decided to just dump of the sugar powder in his mouth.
Wyatt's Hulk mouth.

Wyatt was telling me no more pictures.

Hunter going through his Valentine's

The boys with their Valentines from Tyson and I.


Holli Kim said...

wow i cant believe how big Wyatt looks :) i cant wait for Seth to be old enough to enjoy the holidays more.

Hunter Family said...

Wyatt is so stinkin' cute!