Monday, May 20, 2013


Singstar FHE

Another Crazy FHE Monday

The boys made this out of a box that Tyson brought home from work.

Dustin wanted in on the action

He thinks he big stuff being able to pull himself up.

Kid day at the Boys and Girls Club. Wyatt had fun because it was just he and I spending time together.

Finding a dinosaur. 

Reptile Room

On the way to Utah we had to pull over because the boys both had to go to the bathroom. I could resist taking a picture.

One of Dustin's favorite hang out spots.

Dustin's 2 favorite toys. A baby wipe, and his own sock. He loves to chew on his socks. You will usually find him with only one sock one or maybe even both socks off because he pulls them off to play with and chew on.

The typical scene in our house.

Having a BBQ out at Balance Rock Creek
Grandma and Grandpa Sill were here too.

He's a happy camper when he rides on Dad's back.

Go Grandpa!

Grandma was the first one to catch a fish.

Hunter reeled in the last one of the day/night.

Nap time with dad