Monday, May 20, 2013

The Rest of March

 Sorry I am behind on my blog post, school is to blame, but I am out now for the summer so it's time to catch up. Surprisingly I still took "some" pictures (I use to have 200 to 300 pictures per month, but since school started I only have about 50 to 100 per month).

This is what happened when Wyatt takes a bath and finds the can of shaving cream. And yes my kids get dirty but the water is so foggy because he had used the whole can of Tyson's shaving cream.

Poor Dustin was a victim of Wyatt's shaving cream attack.

First time out on the grass

City Easter Egg Hunt
Hunter wasn't here for Easter this year, he was at Leo Carrillo with family and friends. We sure missed him but he had a great time down at the beach. So when dying eggs with Wyatt there is no use for a spoon or egg holder, or the wire wisp, he just ends up using his fingers and ends up with "Hulk Hands" for the next few days. Tyson made each of the boys their own eggs, they looked great, but we wouldn't know how they taste cause Wyatt would let us crack them.

Don't worry, it's a plastic egg.

Wyatt can play out in the backyard by himself for hours (especially if he has his superheros), he has a great imagination.
Tyson took Hunter fishing and he caught this monster of a fish. it was over 2 feet long, and over 6 pounds.

This is how Dustin started off crawling. We thought it looked like he was doing the worm.