Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 year old & a dirt bike

So one Sunday Hunter comes home from church and says, "Mom Jennifer Wyand gave me motorcycle uniforms, so now I can ride the motorcycle!" He put the clothes (uniform) on and told now that he has dirt bike clothes he will be able to ride the bike (as if the clothes had magic powers). So Tyson takes him out side and puts him and the bike and off he goes. He can't start the bike by himself, but once it's running he knows how to shift and ride all around the property. Is 5 years old too young to ride a dirt bike? The quad was one thing, but the bike I'm not to sure if I like him riding. He tells me that soon he will be able to do the jumps like Dad and Uncle Jeff; Oh Boy, I glad he has medical insurance!
Tyson teaching Hunter
Getting ready to take off.
Away he goes on his own.
Here is a video clip of Hunter with Tyson by his side.


shanda said...

are you kidding me. What does that kid not do. That is so cool