Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tyson's cousin Nathan and his family from Arizona came to California this past weekend for a visit. Morgan, Dani, and Molly came over too. It was so much fun seeing all the little kids play with one another, they are all so different, but are all very cute. Here are a few pictures of the kids. Oh, and while the kids were on the trampoline Morgan got the leaf blower to clean the trampoline and when the wind would hit the kids it was hilarious!

Jaxton, Zoe, Amber, & Nathan Waters

Wyatt, Amber & Zoe

Wyatt telling us there is an airplane.
He actually smiled for me when I asked him to!
Molly was so funny! She loved it when her dad would blow the wind in her face.
She is so CUTE!!!
Hunter enjoying the wind.
Jaxton ready to try it out, Molly can't wait, and Wyatt well, he didn't like to much (All three of them are 1 year old).
The one year olds.
Here comes some wind! Molly saying me next! Wyatt says skip me please.
Our cute little niece
Zoe loved seeing Grandpa Ken's Horse
Dinner Time!!! They are all 2 years old and under, except for Hunter who is 5.
Grandma and Grandpa Great with 5 of their Great Grandkids.


Lila said...

How fun! Wish we could visit too!

Hunter Family said...

too cute! Wyatt is starting to look more and more like Hunter. But I still think that he looks so much like you.