Monday, May 3, 2010


The Wells' family are all huge Laker fans. We get together almost every time they play to watch the game, especially Grandma and Grandpa Great. Both the boys have Laker outfits that they LOVE. Tomorrow the Lakers play the Jazz in the second round hopefully they will bet them again.

Hunter in his Paul Gasol Jersey
They face of Wyatt (Kobe MVP Jersey) when the Lakers are winning.
Wyatt's face when the Lakers are losing.
Both Boys

Intensely watching the game.

Halftime attack on Dad.
Root beer Floats Anyone?
Snuggle time (the games usually last 90 to 120 minutes).
The boy with Grandpa and Grandma Great.GO LAKERS!!!!!!


Casey Golledge said...

i love those boys!!

Hunter Family said...

I think that Ryker and Wyatt have some of the same facial expressions. I see so much of yo in him. They are too cute. GO JAZZ!!!!!!(Kendyl told me to write that)

Sandi Wells said...

Go Lakers. Love my Laker boys " Pau and Kobe".ha ha