Monday, October 17, 2011

Glitner's Dairy Field Trip

Hunter's class had a field trip to a local dairy farm called Glitner's Dairy. Parents were allowed to come along too, so Wyatt and I meet them at the diary. The kids got to see how the cows are milked and then how it was processed before it gets shipped out to a factory to get bottled. Wyatt liked being outside and a good distance away from the cows, he did NOT like being in the barn while the cows were being milked.
Getting ready to leave to the dairy.
I love that Hunter loved us being there are wasn't embarressed.

This was a close a cow (even a calf) that Wyatt would get to.

The kids taking turns putting their finger in the machine that milks the cows.

Not a fan of being surrounded by cows getting milked.

Really not liking it.

While the guy was showing the kids how a cow gets milked, the cow right infront of everyone decided to poop, and it splattered on all the kids; the cows are up on a platform chest high.  (gross, but a great funny memory).
The kids were learning about all the different things that cows eat.

Enjoying to Strawberry Milk.
Wyatt with his milk and cookie.

Hunter feeding a 1 month old baby calf.
Hunter's 1st Grade Class.


Amy Snell said...

Is it bad that I think Wyatt has thee cutest worried face ever!! Sweet boy...looks like a fun trip, besides the cows :)