Monday, October 24, 2011

Tiff & kids come for a visit

My sister and her kids came to visit us last Thursday through Sunday. The kids played and did crafts, and when they went to bed Tiff and I stayed up past midnight every night doing our crafts. We had so much fun with them here, it was sad when they had to leave to go back home to Utah. Here are some pictures of our couple of days together. (I only posted a few out of the few hundred that I took).
Ryker painting his craft.

Kendyl doing her painting.

We took them to see the Perrine Bridge where the snake river flows below.

We went to go see the Twin Falls Idaho temple.

Here they are at the falls, it was a bright sunny day so the rainbow was so bold.

Hunter and Kendyl painting their crafts.

We made some yummy carmel apples from scratch. They were so good.

The kids enjoying their apples.
The college here in town has a corn maze that we took the kids through. I took us a while to find out way out, but the kids had a great time (especially) picking corn.

Baby Briggs, he's such a happy camper.

Kendyl scooping out the pumpkin guts.

Briggs enjoyed being outside while the kids carved their pumpkins.

Hunter did his pumpkin all by himself.

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Group pictures of kids are so stinkin hard!

The kids came the weekend of our church's trunk-or-treat, so the kids all dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

Such a cute little stinker!

Thanks to my mom for helping us with the cost of gas money to get Tiff and the kids here. We had such a great time together!