Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our First Idaho Visitors

This weekend we had our first visitors since we have moved here to Idaho. My Grandma Cookie and Grandpa John came for a little visit. On Friday they took the boys to the circus that was in town, while Tyson and I had a date night. Then on Saturday I showed them around town a little and then we went to Rock Creek Park (a park by our home) for a picnic, walking, and fishing. The boys caught about a dozen fish; Grandma and I left early to get some groceries for dinner, and we took Wyatt with us too cause he fell in the really cold river and we needed to get him so clothes.
Grandpa John and Grandma Cookie

The Boys and their "Great" Grandparents

Hunter got to ride an elephant at the Circus, Wyatt was not interested.

The boys feed some of the animals at the circus.

It wouldn't be a circus without cotton candy.

Wyatt enjoyed the cotton candy but did not like his hands being sticky.

Grandma and the boys with a huge white boa.
While the boys were at the circus Tyson and I went on a hike and out for dessert.
Picnic at Rock Creek Park.
Hunter found a snake, but Grandma was the one that caught it. (What a Grandma!)

Grandma and the snake.

Hunter of course asked Tyson if he could take the snake home, and Tyson as usual said yes.

Wyatt loves to hold the fish they would catch. (He looks a little like his cousin Owen in this picture).

Boys and their catches of the day.

Hunter took the fishing pole up the creek by himself, and came running back with the fish he caught.
Grandpa fishing (he caught quite a few off the little spider man fishing pole).
Grandpa and Hunter with their fish.
Great job fishing guys!
My hunk of fisherman.
When the boys got home Tyson cooked the fish for a fabulous dinner. Grandma also did some cooking for dinner too, it was sooo good.
To top off the evening Grandma challenge Hunter to some wii games.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a wonderful weekend. We are so glad you guys were able to come up for a visit and see where we live. We love you guys a lot!!!