Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Day

We spent most of our Christmas day at home. Hunter got a new bike from Santa, and Wyatt a Batman Cave, and Dustin got some baby toys. Around 4pm we went to Grandma Sandi's house to spend the rest of the evening with the family there, and for a delicious dinner which included ham loafs (yum yum, I want some now that I am remembering how delicious they were). I didn't take any pictures which we were there, so I'll have to get some from Grandma Sandi. It wasn't too eventful of a day other then hanging out with family. It was a laid back Christmas, which I loved.

Batman and Captain America Shirts

Hunter made us these coasters

Dustin loved the vibrations that this toy made.

Hunter brought his bike with us to Grandma Sandi's house and didn't want it stole, so he locked it to my door handle. Funny kid.

Hunter helping Dustin open his presents

Hunter gave this reindeer to Dustin, which he was so excited to give him, and Dustin loves to chew on it.

Wyatt helping Dustin

Thank you Trevor and Lacey for this adorable shirt!