Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree

Last weekend, December 1st we went out on a hunt to find the perfect Christmas Tree. It wasn't as bad as the Griswald's family Christmas tree adventure cause we brought a saw with us. The hardest part was hiking on the snowy mountain slope, climbing over fallen branches while sinking in the snow. Wyatt had the hardest time of all. Half way into our hike Wyatt started scream, "I gotta pee! I gotta pee!" and while screaming that repeatedly he was crying cause we couldn't get his jacket, and overalls off fast enough. Needless to say his underwear got a little wet. His other problem was that he was wearing his rain boots instead of his snow boots. Snow got into his rain boots and then his poor little feet were freezing. After Hunter cut down our tree, Tyson took it back to the truck and then came back out to where we were with an inter tube for us to go tubing down the path. The boys had so much fun (frozen feet and all). Dustin even went a couple of times too. On our way home Tyson spotted a creek along the side of the rode so we stopped to he and Hunter could fish for a little bit while the other boys and I stayed in the truck. Hunter caught 2 fish. On our drive home we spotted LOTS of deer, but only a few of them were bucks. We kept pulling over so the boys could use their binoculars to see them. It was a great day! And it ended with us going straight to our wards Christmas party.

It's rough hiking in the snow

We finally found our Christmas tree.

Tyson helped Hunter use the saw to cut it down.

Tyson took the tree back to the car and then we went tubing.

Dustin even went a couple of times.

Yes I came too.

And one our way home Tyson spotted a stream on the side of the rode, so he and Hunter went fishing for about 40 minutes while Wyatt, Dustin and I stayed in the nice warm truck.