Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School & Water Day

Well, actually yesterday was was Hunter's promotion ceremony from kindergarten to first grade. But today was officially the last day of school which was really just one big water party. There had blow up pools, water balloons, & slip'n'slides. Hunter's teacher asked if anyone had any fun sprinkler for today, and I have been wanting to make this pvc pipe sprinkler for a while (what a perfect opportunity). PVC pipe is pretty cheap  (about 1 dollar for 10 feet). So I gather some pvc pipe (1/2inch), so end caps, t's, elbow joints, and a hose connector to the pvc pipe (which is all in the same area of the plumbing section). When I got home I drilled holes in the pvc pipe where I wanted the water to come out, made the shape I wanted and that's it. If I am going to make it again I would use a smaller size drill bit to make the holes smaller. Hunter and his best friend Kyle had fun playing the the water when we brought it back home.
Hunter and his teacher Mrs. Debbie Knapp

Hunter, (Diego, he pop in the picture) and Kyle who is Hunter's best friend.