Monday, May 16, 2011


As I am taking Hunter to school he says, "Mom there is a frog on your chair, oh! never mind, it's just a big spider." I tell him to kill it, hit it with his shoes. He tries but says, "Sorry, I missed." So the rest of the way to school (20 minutes drive, and we have only been in the car for about 2 min) I sent hunched over my steering wheel freaked out that a spider was gonna get me.

The next day, driving Hunter to school again he says "Mom I see another spider!" So I give him a baby wipe to kill it. He tells me, "I think I got it!" I told him to squeeze the baby wipe real hard and then open it to make sure he got the spider. Well, when he opened it up there was no spider. So once again I am hunched over the steering wheel.

A week goes by and no spiders, but there are spider web strings across my dash and windshield when I get into the car, which gives me the "hebe gebees".

Now today on the way to school Wyatt is pointing to the top of his window saying, "He's climbing! He's climbing!" Not sure what he's talking about until Hunter says, "There is a spider at the top of his window. (Wyatt is obsessed with Spider-Man now and likes to pretend to climb up walls and across floors like a spider. When he gets out of the bath and is all wrinkly he freaks out and says, "Spider-Man Hands!").

I want to put a bug bomb in my car, or something to get rid of these spiders that are breeding in my car. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I hate spiders so much, I don't know if I could get back in my car. Grose!!!!!!!!! Good luck!