Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Saturday night Wyatt was up all night coughing, and having a hard time breathing. After 4 breathing treatments and some cough medicine I stayed home with Wyatt while Tyson and Hunter went to church. After another breathing treatment he wasn't getting worse, but wasn't getting better so I took him into the ER. There they gave him a breathing treatment that was a little different then the one at home that we gave him. Then they gave him some steroids, and a little later we were on our way to CVS and then home. When Wyatt get breathing treatments his blood starts pumping and he wants to run and jump around (not sit still, which he never does). So we got home around 530pm just in time for a yummy dinner that Tyson made, and for Wyatt to run around and play with his cousin Molly.


jayne monson said...

Have you tried Pediacare. it is a cough medicint that reall works. its not recommended till age 6 but just half the dose. i use it all the time for brook and it really works, it stops her from having to use albuterol.

Sandi Wells said...

Glad you made it back for dinner and that he did not have to go in a helicopter.