Thursday, May 24, 2012

Father & Sons Camp Out

Last weekend Tyson took the boys to the Father & Sons camp out. They camped at Rock Creek Park which is only about 4 miles from our house, if that. They arrived there Friday evening and had dinner and the kids ran around and played games. Then of course Hunter had to do some fishing, and Tyson said they fished till midnight. In the morning they ate breakfast and then had to pack up to get to Hunter's soccer game at 9. They had a blast, and so did I have the house to myself (I stayed up till 4am). This is something that we all look forward to every year, too bad it's not a 2 nighter.

Wyatt crashed and didn't say awake long enough to do the midnight fishing.


Abby said...

So fun! Moms of boys deserve this!! I am so impressed that Tyson took pictures. Jeff laughed at me when I asked him too.