Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer's Here

Yesterday was pretty warm, and today was a little hotter. Tyson was gone working all day, so after the boys and I finished our Saturday chores and had lunch we planted our garden. We had to wait till after lunch when there was some shade in the backyard. Afterwards the boys we hot and wanted to run through the sprinklers. Wyatt NEVER runs through the sprinklers, he doesn't like the water hitting his face. Hunter the awesome older brother held Wyatt's hand the first couple of times he ran through and Hunter also made a kind of game for Wyatt running from one side of the yard to the other while dodging and jumping over the sprinklers. Then they played in the sprinklers in the front yard with the sun was shinning nice a hot. After they were done they enjoyed their otter pops on the front step. It was a fun day in the hot summer sun.

You can tell Wyatt is really concentrating on shooting Hunter cause his tongue is sticking out.

I tried to get them to both smile and open their eyes, but the sun was just to bright.