Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wyatt's Last Day of School

Wyatt's last day of school was a week ago, but I had to post some pictures. He rode the bus to school, but I went to pick him up when school was out. He brought home lots of his crafts and drawing that he did through the year. He has learned so much in the past 7 months and he speech has improved quite a bit. He is said that school is out and keeps asking when the Mickey bus is going to come and pick him up (that's the name of his bus). He will go to the same preschool to continue helping him with his speech next year in September, but until then he'll be home with me :)
Sharon the babysitter on the preschool bus, Wyatt, and Fritz the bus driver. They are the sweetest people and so good with the kids. I know Wyatt is safe when he's on their bus. 

Wyatt didn't know I was there and was super excited when he saw me.

Wyatt with his favorite classmate Ellery (go figure it's a girl)