Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transit of Venus

So yesterday was the transit of Venus (when Venus pass in front of the sun) and it won't happen again till 2115, so I really wanted to see and take the boys to the observatory at the college here in Twin Falls to see it through their telescopes. The transit only lasted from 4 to 9 pm, and the whole time the sun was hiding behind the clouds so we never got to see it. I still took the boys to the observatory and they thought the telescope was cool. We ended up going inside to the little museum that they have there which is always fun. The boys liked the fact that they had a magnifying glass to look at fossils and different rocks and crystals with.    We still had a good time even though we didn't see Venus passing the sun.

Wyatt with the skull of a saber- toothed tiger

Skeleton replica of a Mammoth

Wyatt comparing his foot size to a dinosaurs

Hunter checking out the Mammoth's poop (replica)