Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day Fishing

Tyson had to work on Memorial Day this year, but was home by 5pm, which of course is still plenty of time to go to the lake and get some fishing in. We pack up our gear, grabbed some crickets, and headed out to Dierke's Lake. This time we took a little hike to go to the hidden lakes out there. We didn't have much luck fishing there, so he then headed back to the main lake and a fished a little bit longer before we had to head home and get the boys in bed for school the next day. Wyatt and I caught one little fish and that was it so we let it go, but it was still a fun day out on the lake.
Hike to the hidden lakes

One of the hidden lakes that we tried fishing

Wyatt didn't want to use a real fishing pole, he had to us a stick with a little bit of line and a tiny hook on it.

Our die hard fisherman that NEVER wants to leave

Wyatt was determined to put the worm on the hook himself

And what do know, he did it!

Wyatt and Tyson could see the little crappie fish biting his worm and were trying to catch one.