Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boys and a Box

The other day Tyson brought home this huge box for the boys to play in (it was a box that had a bath tub in it for a job site Tyson was working on). Hunter drew the lines of where he wanted the door and windows and then I cut them out for them. They drew picture all over it (Wyatt drew a bunch of guys he called pirates). But is wasn't till the next day they decided to become astronauts and make their club house a rocket. I have a video of them counting down from 10 to 0 then blast off and they rock the box back and forth till it tips over, but it doesn't want to upload to blogger. They have probably spent at least 6 hours so far playing with this box, and the biggest part is playing nicely with one another like they are best friends (just as it should be, right).
Focusing hard on their drawings

This video is really bad quality, it's from my phone.