Saturday, June 23, 2012

Utah Trip

Last weekend Tyson dropped the boys and I off at my sister's house in Utah and then headed down to California to get our new furniture (thanks Mom, we love it)! While at my sister's we went to her husbands family reunion were the boys fished (mainly Hunter) and had water fights (mainly Wyatt). We went swimming at Uncle Jeff's and Aunt Maria's pool. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Maria came over for dinner one night and played in the backyard. Hunter really wanted to go to Neptune Park, a really really cool park down the street from my sister's house. While we were there Tyson had just made is back from California and met us at the park and surprised the boys. Later that hot day we got out the slip in slide for a little fun. The night before we left to go back home to Idaho Tyson took Hunter fishing with his Uncle Brandon, and cousin Chase up a canyon somewhere in Utah where Hunter got a 18.5 inch 2 pounder brown trout. Then next day (Thursday) we made our way back home. It was a great trip, as it always is when we visit family.

Kendyl and her cousin Siona

Ryker and his Grandpa Don getting ready to fish

Briggs, the happy camper

My beautiful sister Tiffany & Briggs

Kendyl and Wyatt waiting to catch to fish

Hunter the die hard fisherman

Sad to say, but this was the biggest catch of the day

Kendyl with her fish

The little boys and the water fight

Cousins, Ryker and Wyatt

Wyatt had a blast having a water fight with the boys

Ryker made the mistake of getting his mom wet, Oh she got him back

At Uncle Jeff's and Maria's pool. Kendyl broke her arm right by her elbow while we were there and eventually got a cool orange cast. (Which by the way, ryker had just got his cast off his arm not even a week ago. Ryker and Kendyl have both broken their arms 2 times. Sorry Tiff, you got the broken arm curse).

Hunter just loves baby Briggs

Yes I got in the water too, it was too hot not to.

Wyatt just had to wear his snow boots in the 90 degree weather.

Tyson had just come back from California, and surprised the the boys at the park.

Ryker, Uncle Jeff, and Hunter

You have to do a silly picture. I just love the look on Rykers face.

Hunter, Wyatt, Uncle Jeff, and Briggs

Love this kid!

Yelling go as he goes down the slide

Hunter on the slip in slide

Wyatt on the slip in slide

Ryker's turn

This is how Wyatt did the slip in slide, sliding on his knees.
Cousin Chase, Hunter with his 18.5 inch brown trout, and Uncle Brandon


Anonymous said...

Those are cute! I need to start posting some of mine. Maybe in a few months, I will catch up.