Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dustin Jay Wells

Dustin Jay Wells was born July 31st, 2012 at 2:16pm in Twin Falls, ID. He weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21 and a half inches long. He was 4 days past due and did not want to come out, so I was induced are 9am on July 31st. The doctor tried to break my water but Dustin's head was so far down water never came out (he head was like a plug), all that happened was the doctor scratched his head with his crochet hook thing. So then they started me on pitocin to get my contractions going stronger (which I was supposedly having them but the pain in my lower back over took the contractions). The pain and pressure (mostly lots of pressure) was getting intense, so I had them give me an epidural (it only took 2 tries, the 1st time he hit a blood vessel). Oh and it only took 2 tries to get an IV in (a lot better than the 9 tries it took when I was pregnant with Hunter). So they pumped the meds for the epidural in, and then the anesthesiologist had to go do an emergence C section and said he would be back to give me more epidural medicine (rather than a drip line I guess). Well he was late coming back and the epidural he gave me had worn off and it was too late to have it work before Dustin was born (so much for no pain or should I say A LOT less pain). I think the worst part was that Dustin was sunny side up rather than face down, they tried to turn him but it didn't work. So all the pain was in my lower back/tail bone. The doctor describe it took me as trying to put on a turtle neck while tipping your head back looking up. This I believe has to have been my hardest/most painful deliver yet, but so worth it in the end when U got to hold this sweet little boy. Hunter and Wyatt and so in love with little Dustin Jay. Hunter is so gentle and will be the biggest helper ever. Wyatt just loves everything about him and kept wanting him to wake up and play, and when we changed his diaper and said, "he has a pee pee just like me!" I love my boys, what a blessing they are to Tyson and I. Tyson picked out Dustin's name, and we both agreed on the middle name Jay after his Grandpa. Dustin Jay Wells, welcome to the most awesome family.
He was really only 8 lbs 13 oz. and 21.5 inches long

My 3 boys and their Great Grandma Cookie. Dustin had only received one baby blanket that was made especially just for him, this beautiful baby blanket was made by his 7 year old cousin Kendyl. Thank you Kendyl for this very special gift to hold a very special little boy.

My amazing Grandma and Grandpa came to take care of the boys for me.

The boy helping the doctor check out Dustin Jay. Wyatt asked the doctor if he used scissors to cut Dustin's belly button, and when we change his diaper Wyatt got all excited and said, "He has a pee pee like me!"

Wyatt's first time holding Dustin Jay.

To me he looks a lot like Hunter's baby pictures, I'll have to find one and post it.

Hunter's in love with Dustin Jay and loves the fact that he can hold him on his own without help.

Hunter is such a proud big brother.

I just know Hunter is going to be such a big help

This picture of Tyson and I with baby Dustin was taken by Hunter, he did a fabulous job!


Holli Kim said...

Thank you for posting all the pics :) wish i could be there to see and hold him he looks so cute and little :)