Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hunter's 8th Birthday

For Hunter's 8th birthday he wanted to have a fishing party. So we took Hunter and his friends out to Dierek's Lake to go fishing. Each boy caught at least one fish, hunter caught 2 blue gill and 1 large mouth bass. Hunter has dirt worm cupcakes for his birthday cake, which he helped make. After we sang Happy Birthday and ate the yummy cupcakes Hunter opened his presents. Then the boys had a water balloon toss, we turned into a water balloon fight. They did a little bit more fishing and then it was time to take the boys home. Everyone had a great time, and Hunter had an awesome day filled with friends, fishing, presents and fun.
Carson, Josh, Hunter & Issac

Of course Wyatt had to get in the picture too.

Dustin was there too, celebrating in the shade

Josh and his fish

Carson with his fish

Issac and his fish

Wyatt caught a fish too

Hunter caught 2 blue gills and one large mouth bass

Hunter wanted dirt/worm cupcakes

water balloon toss

which led to a water balloon fight