Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our New Life

Here are some pictures from the past week and a half. Dustin Jay is loved so much by our family, especially his big brothers. Hunter is such a big help and loves to hold, feed, and burp him. Wyatt loves to hold him too, and like to "try" and wake him up when he's sleeping (even if it means trying to open his eyelids). Wyatt is a super diaper runner, he takes all the diapers to the outside trash every time Dustin needs a diaper change. We sure love this bundle of joy, even if it means late nights with little sleep.

Hunter & Wyatt had just finished helping me give him a sponge bath

Wyatt probably kisses him 50 times a day

Poor Tyson is exhausted with little sleep and very busy at work

The Trio of Brothers

Not to sure how he likes the car seat (hopefully better than Wyatt who screamed every time he was in it).

Wyatt gets real excited when he holds him

More kisses

Sleeps anywhere no matter what noise the big brothers are making

Hunter taking a turn feeding Dustin Jay

He smile quite a bit (most likely due to gas bubbles, poor little guy get tummy pains).


Darcy said...

They are adorable! Can't believe how big he is!

Holli Kim said...

how sweet love all the pic's!