Monday, August 27, 2012

Wyatt's 4th Birthday

On Friday August 24th Wyatt turned 4 years old. He wanted to have a superhero party. So he invited a few friends from church and when they showed up they each got to pick a superhero cape. While we were waiting for all the boys to get here the ones that were here colored coloring pages of spiderman and captain america. The boys had so much fun playing pin the web on spiderman, save the city from the falling rock (aka keep the balloons in the air). Then we went outside and they had to spray the green goblin (Hunter) with their webs (a can of silly string). Then Wyatt opened he presents which he loved EVERYTHING he got, and then we had spiderman cake. After his friends went home he changed into his spiderman costume along with his spiderman cape and decided to climb the wall by his bunk bed. Well, he fell and landed face first on his lego table a busted his chin open in a deep little half circle. He doctor's office was busy for the last hour of their day, so they sent us to the ER. We walked in a 4pm, they glued his cut shut (SOOOO much better then stitches like they did last time he split his chin open) and we were back in the car heading home at 4:40pm. I love living in a small town. It was so nice outside that day we decided to go to rock creek park for a walk (Wyatt rode his buzz bike), and of course do a little fishing. It was a fun filled day full of excitement.